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Oct 9, 2012 4:30am EDT
mexico. it will take him about 3 hours to get to the edge of space and there's going to be a free fall about 117,000 feet and he is opening up the pair shiewd shute about 5,000 feet above the surface of the earth and hopes to break a speed record for someone traveling outside a spacecraft. good luck to him. better him than me. that's crazy 23 miles above the earth. >> oh, my goodness. >> you a meteorologist and you are looking up in the sky. >> exactly. >> we have a lot to talk about today and looking into the weekend the running festival is coming up. people plan to go to that and that's going to close down a lot of roads. >> reporter: every year it cause as headache. i will have more coming up later in the week. this morning we are dealing with fog. it's wet out there, too. you will want to be extra careful. >> hopefully it will clear up soon. >> it's going to clear out on your rain chances are go down going throughout the day. but this morning we are dealing with the patchy fog and roads are on the wet side. so take it easy and don't forget the coat it's chilly this morning. >> it i
Oct 3, 2012 4:30am EDT
was responding to a motion sensor that had gone off in a rugged area near the border between arizona and mexico when he was killed. the 30-year-old agent is the third in the line of duty to be killed this year. another unnamed agent also wounded, however, his injuries do not appear to be life threatening. the fbi is right now working with local law enforcement to investigate this incident. >>> four penn state university assistant mike career career has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the university. he's claiming defamation and misrepresentation saying the university ruined his reputation while firing him while he was cooperating with the investigation against jerry sandusky. mcqueary testified that he saw sandusky in a locker room shower with a young boy in 2001. he's seeking millions of dollars ges. sandusky was convict inside june for abusing young boys during a 15-year time period. >>> in florida the search is on for a woman who was photographed, look at this, trying to take a ride on a manatee. this picture was taken on a beach near tampa and authorities say that her actions, they v
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2